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We offer the highest level of service to our global customers.

High level of craftmanship

Our experienced team are well versed in every stage of the sales process; from the development of custom tool design to logistics and installation of large studio equipment fit outs.

Having gained a solid reputation for the highest level of craftsmanship, complemented by our exceptional customer service, Willard has become the preferred brand of choice for the world’s leading galleries, museums and private studios.

To get started with your project, please contact us and our team will be happy to assist you.

Willard Conservation Equipment Engineers Workshop
Specialist Conservation equipment

Bespoke design service

Alongside the extensive range of specialist tools and studio equipment, Willard also offer a bespoke design service to cater to the unique requirements of conservators and ground-breaking projects around the globe.


We are proud to be one of the only suppliers who manufacture all of our products within our UK workshops to ensure the highest build quality for our customers.

Today, we are committed to supporting the evolution of conservation techniques by working closely with conservators to enhance and improve upon our extensive range of products as well as introduce new tools and equipment.

Our History

Since the 1950’s, Willard Conservation Ltd has led the way forward in the innovation of conservation tools and equipment for use in the conservation of fine art, textiles and historic media.

The Willard family business began making conservation equipment in the 1950’s when Jack Willard, an engineer and toolmaker, produced the very first commercial Heated Spatula in the UK, for a young trainee conservator living in Chichester. This was soon followed by requests from Conservators across the UK for additional tools.

The company is now lead by Paul Willard who joined the family business in the early 1980’s and worked closely with his Father, Jack Willard for more than 25 years. Paul and his team of specialist Technicians continue to manufacture all Willard products at our UK workshops to ensure only quality products are given Willard stamp of approval.

Willard Conservation 1956.jpg
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