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Museum of Fine Art, Budapest Conservation Equipment

Studio Equipment

Museum of Fine Art, Budapest

We regularly assist conservators with custom made furniture and conservation equipment for their studios & workshops. Here is one such project that we have recently completed on time, despite the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Multi Function Table

Yale University, USA

We are very pleased to share this article, with permission, from the Conservation Studio at Yale University. Paintings Conservator, Sydney Nikolaus has documented the conservation of a half- length figure study by Edwin Austin Abbey, using the Willard multi-function table, humidification chamber and Willard heated spatulas.

Heated spatula for art conservation


Suction Table for Conservation in Ireland

Special Christmas Delivery

National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin

As we export to many countries we often rely on shipping agents and carriers to transport equipment safely to customers’ studios, but, depending on the item and the distance, we also carry out deliveries ourselves. One particular shipment to Dublin proved to be a challenge for our team, making a special delivery just before Christmas.


The Largest Willard Suction Table in the World

Fælleskonserveringen, Denmark

When the team at Willard were asked if we could build the largest heated suction table we’d ever produced, we jumped at the chance as we always like a good challenge. Here we present the challenges and rewards of designing and installing such a project.

Suction table for conservation at Fælleskonserveringen, Denmark


Work bench tables for conservation

Three Willard Tables

The Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Cambridge

Here, we follow the journey of 3 large Willard tables as they arrive at their new home, 140 miles away at the new Centre for Material Culture as part of The Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (MAA), within the University of Cambridge.

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