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We are committed to sustainability.

The sustainable choice for conservators

Our solid reputation for long lasting craftsmanship and proven longevity makes Willard tools and equipment the sustainable choice for conservation.

We are committed to the production of responsibly manufactured products using sustainable sources and ensuring our environmental impact is kept to the minimum possible level.

We are also pleased to use only recycled or biodegradable materials in our packaging.

Willard Lab sink for conservation
Solar Panels

Our workshop is now powered by solar

We had 68 solar panels installed on our workshop in Chichester over the summer in 2022. The 68 panels are expected to generate approximately 36Kw.

Supporting local 

As part of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, we have adopted a bee hive at SW Honey Farms in Chichester, just down the road from our workshops. The adoption will go towards one new colony of bees and increase the number of pollinators that help towards a well balanced eco system.

Planet Mark

Planet Mark

We’re furthering our sustainability commitment by becoming Planet Mark certified through measuring and reducing our carbon footprint.

In this crucial Decade of Action, we want to ensure that we are a force for good: positively transforming society and the planet by measuring our own impact on the environment.

Over the next year we will be working towards reducing our carbon emissions, and we want to share this journey with our community to encourage others to join us.

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